December 1-8 Art Calendar


Light Up Your Night, Miami, December 3

Design Miami, December 4–8

Brazil Art Fair, Miami,Decem­ber 4–8

NADA Art Fair, Decem­ber 4 — 8

Scope Miami, Decem­ber 4 — 8

Art Basel Miami Beach, Decem­ber 5 — 8

Red Dot Miami, Decem­ber 3 — 8

CONTEXT, Decem­ber 3–8

Miami River Art Fair, Decem­ber 6–8

Unti­tled Art, Decem­ber 4–8

AQUA 13 Art Miami, Decem­ber 4–8

PULSE Miami, Decem­ber 5–8

TsEKh Con­tem­po­rary Dance Fes­tival, Russia, Decem­ber 1–15

Hong Kong Dance Fes­ti­val, Octo­ber 25–15 Decem­ber 2013

CMA Per­form­ing Arts Series: Pre-concert Talk with David J. Rothen­berg, Decem­ber 4, 2013 — 7:30pm, Cleveland

Mil­len­nium Film Jour­nal at MOMA, Decem­ber 2, 7:00 pm


NYC Art Studio School Celebrates Expansion of Size and Services Despite Flagging Economy + NY Arts Magazine


Celebration is in the air as thousands of people of all ages, 5 to 95, flock to a Manhattan hotspot that one might not expect… an art school that has all of NYC talking. On September 22nd 2011, New York City’s The Art Studio NY, located on West 96th street between Columbus and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side, is expanding to a new 2000 square foot studio, which quadruples it in size. The move is a response to the steadily increasing demand of New Yorkers who want to reconnect with their creative side and freely express themselves through painting, drawing and mixed media…. read more

Igor Calvo Postive Feedback, NY Arts


Dear Mr Lubelski,

it is quite hard to find nowadays a magazine and website where it can be found so much and so good information about the  contemporary art scene. Therefore, and first of all, congratulations for your work in the sometimes complicated task of promoting, broadcasting, spreading and supporting initiatives in the world of art and culture.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

Igor Calvo
Communications manager
PhaKe On-Line Art Gallery

NYArts and Broadway Gallery, Williem de Kooning


Willem de Kooning Re-Writes Modernism at MoMA
Harriet Zinnes

There is no doubt that Willem de Kooning (l904-l997) is one of the most significant artists of the New York School. In this exhibition that will continue through January 12, 2012 at the Museum of Modern Art of almost 200 works within seven decades of the artist’s development the viewer can certainly agree with the curator John Elderfield that “de Kooning opened radical options for painting that ask us to reconsider how its modernist history should be told.” Here is an artist who worked not only in painting but also on drawings, prints, sculptures and created unusual works on paper. He is an artist who made statements about art that were always forceful and provocative. In 1949, for instance, he declared that “flesh was the reason why oil painting was invented.” And he believed in change in art, its constant new refinements. “Art,” he said, “should not have to be a certain way.” And in these seven decades of the artist’s work, by way of seven galleries, it is clear that his art is not done only in one way. Abstraction sits side by side with figuration, and both are glowing art. Consider, for example, his “Pink Angels” (1945).

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NYArts and Broadway Gallery, Occupy Wall St.


Occupy Wall Street: NYC Wakes Up
Rose Hobart

Late 16th France, while one of the richest and most powerful nations in Europe at the time, was facing formidable economic difficulty. Louis XVI, his ministers, and the nobility quickly found themselves unpopular. This was largely due to the fact, that the peasant classes were burdened with incredibly high taxes levied to support wealthy aristocrats and their lavish lifestyles. This was the start of the French Revolution. Sound familiar?

History repeats itself. As artists, activists, and people of all walks of life gather to occupy Wall Street, we realize that some things change, others stay the same. On this list includes: rising unemployment, slashes to education and the arts, the disparity between the rich and poor.


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Abraham Lubelski- NY Arts, Broadway Gallery, and World Art Media


Abraham Lubelski has been a professional artist for more than four decades and over the years has worked back and forth between painting, conceptual projects and installatons. In 1969 he completed a number of street works and performances in conjunction with the Architecture League of New York which were written up in Life and People magazines. In the 1970’s, among his other projects, he developed theater set designs. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Mr. Lubelski exhibited at the Neill Gallery in SoHo. Since the 1980’s Mr. Lubelski has exhibited internationally on a regular basis. He has exhibited in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and Hamburg, and, as well, in Poland, Japan, and various countries in South America. In conjunction with these exhibitions a number of catalogues have been produced and reviews have appeared in such international publications as Flash Art. Since 1990 Mr. Lubelski has managed several exhibition spaces on Broadway in SoHo in New York City. He has used the spaces to give exhibitions to underrepresented artists (from the U. S. and abroad) and has, in addition, sponsored the visits to the United States of numerous international artists. For several years Mr. Lubelski has been supporting and developing a traveling exhibition called Re: Duchamp which presents the work of 250 artists (the list is still in progress) and has already been viewed in New York City, Poland, Turkey, Italy (during the course of the Venice Biennale as part of the Biennale sponsored event Markers) and Israel.

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