Abraham Lubelski- NY Arts, Broadway Gallery, and World Art Media


Abraham Lubelski has been a professional artist for more than four decades and over the years has worked back and forth between painting, conceptual projects and installatons. In 1969 he completed a number of street works and performances in conjunction with the Architecture League of New York which were written up in Life and People magazines. In the 1970’s, among his other projects, he developed theater set designs. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Mr. Lubelski exhibited at the Neill Gallery in SoHo. Since the 1980’s Mr. Lubelski has exhibited internationally on a regular basis. He has exhibited in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and Hamburg, and, as well, in Poland, Japan, and various countries in South America. In conjunction with these exhibitions a number of catalogues have been produced and reviews have appeared in such international publications as Flash Art. Since 1990 Mr. Lubelski has managed several exhibition spaces on Broadway in SoHo in New York City. He has used the spaces to give exhibitions to underrepresented artists (from the U. S. and abroad) and has, in addition, sponsored the visits to the United States of numerous international artists. For several years Mr. Lubelski has been supporting and developing a traveling exhibition called Re: Duchamp which presents the work of 250 artists (the list is still in progress) and has already been viewed in New York City, Poland, Turkey, Italy (during the course of the Venice Biennale as part of the Biennale sponsored event Markers) and Israel.

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